6 thoughts on “First blog post

  1. Great read. As an extended part of your family I can vow that the communication problem has sometimes shown itself when I was present.

    You have been blessed with your writing skills. Great way to communicate when talking becomes an evicted part of the relationship.

    I believe it gets to the point that all relationships hit a stagnant existence.

    I do understand both views between you two. (this is where I would normally tell you that she “wife” is correct)!!!

    There is always GOD


  2. You need to be as open as you can be. Open to receive and open to give. The best relationship between two people is the friendship that builds.
    When stress of finances or health issues come into play you need to draw strength from each other. Some people close others out and if you aren’t talking before something big happens, it’s very hard to get the conversation going then.
    If your spouse is reaching out to you, my opinion is start accepting the little things and add into it. If you both open up and try, you might be surprised how the little steps can lead to renewed love and forgiveness.


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