Sunflowers & Windows

Let the Son-Flower in You

Went with Will to  see sunflowers  today. Will is a religious guy and had the idea of taking a picture of a sunflower and the words above ( his saying) and putting them together to make a poster. I kind of like his photo. Who knows maybe we will. We were hoping we would get an opportunity to shoot some pictures of Sunflowers on a driving run into Kansas; you know get paid to shoot the pictures cause we were delivering something, somewhere. We just haven’t went far enough West to find a good pictures from the road; so we went to the sunflower farm in Lawrence. . It feels different than finding shots on the road, similar to shooting fish in a barrel. It is a little late in the season and we could see the tracks of those who came before us, but there were plenty of flowers still in bloom. It was nice, there was no crowd, in large part the field was ours, no other on lookers, except a young couple, not too young, acting a little silly. At that moment their world consisted of only sunflowers and each other. My voice was a little weak, so I pointed to my camera and said, ‘you look good’; she smiled, nodded yes and mouthed thank you.  So I snapped a few shots from a distance. In some ways it was like a window into the past, somewhere I could never visit again. The wildness I missed in the flowers was some how captured in the openness and playfulness of this young women in a field of sunflowers. Her companion, like me, was really just an observer, she owned the scene. I will never be young again, but love and playfulness is not limited to a certain age, we should never out grow it, I haven’t, I sometimes just spend long periods when I can’t find it. When you are faced with losing your ability to eat, to breath normally and maybe life itself, you start to focus on what you hold sacred.  God in his grace, gives these moments to everyone, I hope I didn’t squander too many.

IMG_0136 (2) w s.jpg
Will and the Sunflowers



Unknown Sunflower Girl


10 thoughts on “Sunflowers & Windows

  1. Wade
    Everyone understands the thought of “did i miss too much” “Did i squander many moments?”

    I believe this will lead to the “What ifs”

    Seize the moments, live this day,



  2. Wade – I believe NOW is the time for you to let go of the past. NOW is the time for you to believe in the fact other people love you (smart ass, that you are). NOW is the time to listen to the Father’s voice. NOW is the time to see Renita as the partner and wife to take this walk with you. Please KNOW how much you mean to not only John and me, but to so many others. NOW is the time to let others see the soft side of you that you try to hide. You are one of the most passionate people I know. May God bless you as all of you travel down the road ahead.


  3. Love the pictures. Especially the one of Will in the Sunflowers. Story with these picture is rewarding to read. Your writing is awesome. Love your blogs also. Starlyn Bailey


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