Bedtime Story

It is late or maybe it is early, I have really never been sure what to call these in-between  hours. Before the early birds rise and there is only some shift workers, bar people, and me. I have always known there are others, the unemployed, the brokenhearted, and those who have lost their way. Now I am becoming keenly aware of another night dwelling group.The concept of time for these people is clearly divided into day and night. The rhythm of the day is normally controlled by events, things you do, while nights are often measured not in events or even hours, but in minutes. How long was your night is often the most relevant question that can be asked. Night terrors may have a specific definition, but for me it’s meaning is more generic. To be afraid of, or long for the night to end or sleep to come. Do not mistake me I have always love the night.It has a quite and a beauty, that is wrapped in mystery that escapes the bussle of the day. When images are less clear, stars more bright, and the moon is the strongest candle in the sky; more things are possible, time moves differently. Nothing for me is more beautiful, than when the countryside, hopefully not the road, is covered with snow and the orange-yellow waxed sphere is almost full. You can see critters move in the distance and look almost as surprised as you about the subtle illumination of the landscape. The eyes of the trucks and cars,by far the greatest predator in the taming of our world, are not as harsh as they are on cloudy nights.

The chill in the night air is a reminder that winter is coming. Something is different now and it is in me. The soreness in my throat, the increasing gravel in my voice, and the ever continuous secretions that threaten to choke me unless expelled, shout that these winter nights will not be short. Sleep that I have often found evasive will for periods yet to be determined, escape me. I know to be true what the Starks so often repeated in the Game of Thrones , “Winter is coming and the nights will be long.”   I have for short periods, although it seemed long at the time, been a member of this other group that I speak about; those who are sick, those who are in pain, those who have  yet to find the medicated fairy dust of the sandman. Those who have, often wake up with a different problem. My foe is scratching and clawing at the wall, soon I will leave for Mayo and the battle will truly be engaged. Fear not my stout hearted friends for there are times, not long, when I do that for you. To quote my dad, ‘bravery before battle is little more than a snap shot in time and tells you very little about actions once the battle begins.’ There will be wars and rumour of wars for all of us, they can not be avoided forever. For now I am happy and will enjoy natures beauty tomorrow.  Sleep well my friends, if you still can.

3 thoughts on “Bedtime Story

  1. Wade, you touch me. I have ALWAYS known you are an artist at heart and this blog is showing the world how truly talented you are. Please keep the faith and know that others are praying for all of you. Thank you for sharing. – Penny


  2. Hi Wade. I recently heard of your health issue and accidentally found your blog. Such lovely words. I cannot wait to read more! I think of your family often and will begin praying for you and this unplanned journey put before you. “For they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength…”


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