Please, I beg you, Please Pray for me. Being like the coward, my suffering started before the battle has truly been engaged. If possible, I would not even sip from this cup of woe, I would hide from my fate. Fear, not honor holds sway. Stripped of all pride and dignity, I run naked to the feet of the master and plead for mercy I do not deserve. So once again I ask you, Please Pray for me.

3 thoughts on “Anticipation

  1. Wade, I love, more than you will ever know, the words you typed with your own fingers! These words did not come from you but the Spirit that resides in you! God has you right where he wants you! Bask in His warmth and calm your soul. Hang on tight to the source of his suffering and find His comfort. My prayers have already been answered, as the tears well in my eyes. He already has you firmly in hand. Rest!


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