Aliens and Faith

For all those who prayed for me, thank you. I have been abducted by aliens, they are nice. They claim they do not want to hurt me; nevertheless, they are up front with the fact that they will, but it is all a part of doing what is actually good for me. That I should not fear the mask or their probes. What I know is their machines are huge, some taking up three floors and hidden behind extra thick walls. The real problem is the mask, the mask will follow you and is always close. Somehow this great machine puts the mask in your mind. Like the monster under the bed or in the closet, it lies in wait. I explained to their second in command, that I was aware that I had been abducted, but they seemed to be nice aliens. I did suggest however, that they should use a type of suspended animation, and I would be fine if I had no memory of the ordeal when I was returned to my world. This didn’t anger my captors, in fact they found it quite humorous. They agreed they could do something like suspended animation, but that would be too expensive. The mask is tricky, it hides and springs out when not expected. I will remain vigilant, but as for yesterday, they may have had my body, and their mask put lines and marks on my face. But my mind, my soul, was safe. There were moments of tension, but no room for it to enter. Too many people had prayed, and I would, at least for awhile, find God’s peace. I can’t tell you what it means to be lifted up, only that it happens. Today they will add Chemo to radiation, this is still the calm before the storm, worse times ahead they remind me, but for now, I am fine and will believe in your prayers and this strange race of Mayos.

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