It has been brought to my attention that I have a most excellent Daughter

It has been brought to my attention that I am not a writer; I am not sure what I am, but clearly I am a beginning writer at best. I have no formal experience, so I reached out for some help. I will try to get better. It has been suggested that maybe I should be clearer when I write. Perhaps I am trying to write beyond my  capability to communicate. So, it is very important that I am straightforward—this is not a time I want to leave open to interpretation. Simply put, I could not and would not be entering this battle on this front without my support team. The first person I want mention is my wife, for she is affected by this just as much as me, and her reaction has been one of love with such depth that it has surprised us both.  The next people I have to mention is Yoda & spouse. They have helped me find a center emotionally, find my way in the day to day workings of this place, and find a balanced yet different routine. I also want to show my appreciation for all the people whose prayers and responses to my posts have given me strength and  hope. They make me think that I can find a reason for carrying on.  All this is true, more than you will ever know. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention my friend Bob who helped me prepare for the mask monster.

This post, however, is first and foremost a shout out to my daughter. My daughter came up with me the day before my actual treatment began, immediately taking over in Yoda’s absence and made many of his suggestions into a reality.  The most important takeaway you should get from this post is—”I have a most excellent daughter. She not only just made me proud,  but in the process, has set the standard for all daughters.”  Luv You.




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