Going Home


It had different feel this morning, riding in on the shuttle to Mayo World. I wasn’t contemplating being fried, poked or prodded. I was thinking of my Northern Cal. friend; friend might be too strong of word, but acquaintance isn’t right either. I think we made a connection, it was a short hook up, kind of a password type of thing. A classic example of ‘you had  to be there’. It was almost like meeting someone at the end of pilgrimage to a healing shrine. This was not home, home was somewhere else entirely, and would never fit exactly the same way again. How close the fit would be was a forbidden topic we carefully danced around. He knew Kansas City was mostly in Missouri, a fact he assured me was rare on the west coast. I asked him if he came way out here because Mayo was one of the best. He said no, if he wanted one of the best he he would have went to Frisco or Arizona. He came here because it was the best. He ask if I knew whether the Cubs won. He explained his interest by saying all of Northern Cal. were Giants fans, enough said. He said you guys on the Missouri side guys don’t think much of Kansas, it goes all the way back to the civil war. I responded, It’s probably similar to your feelings toward the Dodgers.” So you hate them. He retorted.” Well, we changed conferences so the rivalry has loss some of it’s animosity.

This was our third shared ride and our last. He had surgery yesterday and had one last dr. visit, then he was flying home. He was in obvious discomfort and said don’t make the mistake I made. I was feeling pretty good, before the surgery, so booked my flight for the next day, got to get back to the farm you know. Big mistake, he cursed. How did the surgery go? I inquired. It was more extensive than they thought, but they’re the best. I helped this proud man off the shuttle with his bag.   He looked back and said, give yourself some time to heal, nodded and was gone. So this morning I wasn’t  thinking of all my activities awaiting at the shrine. I was thinking of  my password buddy returning from his pilgrimage to his farm and wondered, what he was thinking.

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