Can You Change the Past?

When I started this blog, if that’s what it is (I don’t know what to call it), my pastor guy refered to it as my reflections (I like the sound of that).  I pictured myself looking into a pond or a stream; a reflection can provoke deep thought when you look beneath the surface, or it can be as shallow and distorted as the external reflection.  Sometimes it is both and it all depends on how you look at it. I tend to stay toward the shallow end, away from the from deep water.  In fact, I often stay away from a lot of things, pretty much anything new and shining, technology and people just to name two.

It is not surprising that my guiding principle for writing was given to me by a Yoda and my Pastor who have been around the block a time or two. They both said, “Just be honest.”  It should be mentioned, if this post reads like an educated person did it, it means that my gracious editor has done her thing, and she is still shining and new.  Anyway, Pastors and Yodas are pretty good at giving  advice.  Like the commercial says, “That’s what they do.”   The good ones are not only in touch with their flock, they seem to know when someone is listening,  so instead of always trying for a life changing revelation they simply plant a seed and let it grow.

 Just be Honest. These simple words have had their impact on me and have become the number one standard to which I hold myself.  It may just be possible, if you are simply honest about your fears, faith, and fortune (good and bad).   I believe that people will know, people will care, and just maybe something you say might strike the right cord at the right time.  Who knows, you could actually help someone. That would be nice. So what does it mean to be honest in your writings, your reflections, or your “whatever?”

If we are to have a serious discussion about honesty in this expanded definition that contains context—beliefs, hopes, and disappointments–it is crucial that we recognize it operates within boundaries. We must recognize that the boundaries are set by our available options and our outcomes are determined in large part by the options we choose.  I do not want to mislead anyone because I feel that life is probably about options, the ones you have and the ones you make.

Here is the deal according to Wade. First, let’s talk about the saying “there is no use crying over spilled milk.” I whole hardheartedly agree and it is still true with 2%, even though I am a whole milk kind of guy; however, that is not quite the same as saying that you can’t change the past. Our evaluation of the past is always subject to how we interpret its effect on the present. Something was funny if things turned out OK . It was a good lesson if it helped us achieve our goal and can be a crushing blow if we don’t. Most  would agree that the choices we make now shape our future, but at least to some degree, the options we take today have the power change the past. If we are open to the idea that there are many ways to see the past, we can create options.

If we understand this creation of options is possible, we can choose to see the past in a way that helps us create even more positive options in the present rather than following self-defeating patterns. This is probably just a long winded way of saying, I now have a fancy phone; I am on Facebook; I talk about my inner feelings at my most vulnerable time, but I am the same person. I didn’t reinvent myself, I was always struggling to both find the right option and too often avoid the hard one. I choose to believe that my past led me here, and something  good is going to happen, despite evidence to the contrary.



One thought on “Can You Change the Past?

  1. Wade – You impact so many lives (more than you think). You are a hard headed, fact chasing, infuriating man. You are also loyal, honest, straightforward and when you accept someone into the inner circle of your friendship, it changes a life. This journey you are on is allowing others to see you for who you really are. What a blessing you are. I feel very honored to consider you a friend. John and I love you and your family. We are praying for strength and peace. Please keep the blogs coming. It helps!


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