Unexpected Call


There has been a time or two, well maybe three or four;

When I’ve  hopped off the bed, grabbed my hat, and headed out the door.

As the handle stops it’s turning and with freedom in my sight

A conversation struck me, like a conscious deep and tight.


It was just outside Lincoln, on one last, moonless, starry trip

When I heard the ring, saw the light, coming from good old flip

Spurning fancy phones, I opened  her up, saying hello to the call

But a dispatcher didn’t answer, no back east voice at all


“I heard tell you’re a fighter”, is the first thing that she said.

So soft, sweet and tender it flowed like jam on bread.

And sometime before we said goodbye and I put old flippy down

I promised to fight their fight and even play their clown                         


So, here’s to modern medicine & fancy phones abound

Now my hat lays on the table and Flippy’s not around.

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