Karmic Emoji


I was walking into a coffee shop a couple days ago, when I had a chance encounter with three young people.  I have never really understood what chance encounter means, but  I think something significant needs to happen to qualify,so in retrospect, I did not have a chance encounter with three young people; I had a brief conversation.  I don’t usually go into coffee shops by myself, unless you count QT (Kwik Trip in MN.), but I have been doing a lot of different things these days.  I walked up to the door and there was a lady with a stroller, so I held the door open for her.   Behind her was a guy with a briefcase and a cup in one hand.   He was headed out, so I held the door for him too and as soon as he walked out, three young males with their heads down in their phones walked in right behind him. Truth be told, it tested my new, “be kind to everyone”  program a little bit.  I wondered if these three young adults were even aware of what had just taken place around them.  It turned out that I didn’t have to wait very long to find out..

I got my cup of house coffee and a little water.  I used to like my coffee “hot-hot”, but now I have to cool it down or it burns my throat.  I sat down for a minute and headed toward the door.  That’s when I notice the three, aforementioned young people were also headed toward the door. The tallest one tapped the shortest one on the shoulder and motioned for him to speed up to get to the door first.  He held it open for me.  Somewhat surprised, I said, “I’m impressed” and walked out.  Before I could get more than a couple steps away, I heard a voice say, “What did you say?”   I turned while remembering my “be kind” policy.  I am not young, I have cancer, and there were three of them.  I figured that knowing that I have no chance in a confrontation with them only reinforced my new policy.  Facing the number two in height, I responded with, “I told him I was impressed.”   Number two smiled at me and said, “You didn’t think I noticed you, did you?”  I smiled back and answered, “That, my friend, would be a safe assumption.”  He kind of gave a half laugh, half snort, and continued.   ”You walked all up in here with your hat and your ‘Yes ma’am, have a nice days’ and a big smile on your face.  Yea, I noticed you. Why do you bother?”   I said, “I don’t know, I guess because albeit it brief, that second or two makes our encounter with our fellow man a little better.”

The tallest one spoke.  “So it is like, you open the door and smile at us, we turn around and open the door for some old dude, and pretty soon we’re just people sharing the same planet. You impressed?”  I nodded my head and answered, “I can honestly say I am.” That’s when the shortest asked,  “You from around here?”  I answered, “No, Kansas City. I am being treated at Mayo.”  When he pressed with “why?”, I  responded with, “cancer.”  As I  turned to go,  I heard the tallest one say,  “I’m telling you that he is a Karmic Emoji.”

I would like to say that I just walked off, but I didn’t.  Instead, I moved only a few feet toward to the intersection, but stopped close enough to  still be able hear his explanation of a Karmic Emoji.   The tallest one continued with, “The old dude is dying of cancer, right?”  They were all nodded in agreement.  I considered protesting this proposition, but I didn’t want to reveal my position.  He continued, “But he is still out trying to make things just a little better.  He’s like an emoji.  He says nothing and he says a lot, all at the same time.  He is Karmic because he sends these good vibes out into the universe and they come back.”   The middle height person, said, “But he’s got cancer!  That don’t seem like a good vibe to me.”  Unimpeded, the tall one answered, “Maybe he won’t die and all the vibes will save him, or maybe knowing you made the world a little better is all that’s necessary for a good death.”  Then with what looked to me a far too serious face, he proclaimed today, “Karmic Emoji Day.”

If anybody out there in reading land has any ideas on or about Karmic Emojis, it would be appreciated if you would share them.  Any actual sighting or photographs would be great.  Please leave your thoughts and comments on my Facebook page.

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