A Bit of the Fairy


It is Saturday morning, that means no treatments, free breakfast voucher, and college football.  Having slept many times during the night, someday I like to try just once or twice, I have heard people speak of sleeping through the night; oh well, one more unfilled dream. Anyway, I finally wandered on down to the front desk to pick up my voucher for Cowboy Jacks. There was someone different at the desk, not one of the two women who normally engage in polite conversation, a man. For some reason the term cheeky came to mind. I asked him for a voucher, he said for breakfast, I nodded. He replied, “Well, I can do that.” I responded with a,” thank you.” He requested my room number, which I promptly gave him. Then he asked my checkout date; to which I replied, “it is not today”. With a somewhat stern look he questioned, “You do not know your checkout date?” I answered,”“That is true, I do not know my checkout date.” Then he said,” could it be five days?” I answered,” it could,it could or maybe three or four, I must confess I know no more.” At this point he handed me the voucher. I started to walk away and he said they’re not open yet. I inquired if 7 am was when they opened, looking at 6:59 on the clock. He said that is right, I didn’t want you to have to wait. First, I tapped  my head against the wall a few times to make sure I hadn’t woke up in some alternate Green Egg and Ham Universe, then proceeded on to eat first and foremost greasy hashbrowns, which seem the only thing that could lubricate the bowels of the machine lately.

I was the first to appear in Cowboy Jacks, I walked over to see most of the buffet style food was already out. I picked up a plate and captured a donut and an english muffin while waiting for the arrival of hash browns, sausages, and scrambled eggs. I am not sure if it is the proximity to Wisconsin, but these are not linked or patty sausages, they are short and fat, in contrast to the people who tended to be tall with varying size waist lines.

I consider myself open minded, whether or not anyone else does,well, that’s none of my business; but I will admit I was almost guilty of judging a book by its’ cover. I went to bite into the donut when I realized I had left my room without my uppers; (your top teeth for those who have not yet went through this particular humiliation)  at this stage of my false teeth journey, I was at the point when I actually felt more weird without them. It was at this moment a cheery “Hello” rang down from over my shoulder. I turned my head and said, “Hi” and saw a young lady mid-twenties and absolutely, I mean it was like the first time you saw Bo Jackson run with the football or Willie Mays make a catch. There was something so naturally beautiful it was awe inspiring, you understood instantly, they were special. This creature smiles at me and says, “Is it OK if I stand here and talk to you?” At this point, I should inform the reader of my, In case my cancer goes bad, i have started my, ‘ be kind to others policy’. But, I have already encountered the desk clerk this morning and all I want to do is eat greasy hash-browns and go to the bathroom.  So, I ask the first thing that comes to mind, Why would someone who looks like you do be serving breakfast, I am sure you can make a lot more money on Friday night or Saturday night. My next question is why are you so cheery at 7 am on Saturday morning.”   She laughed and said, You are right I make much more money at night, but I love opening up on Saturday mornings. I am a morning person, I only work nights because I am trying to either go to seminary or get a master’s degree in social work. Why are you here.” This person proved to be bright, adventuresome, and quite enchanting in a very innocent sort of way. We talked for over an hour and during that time I saw the vulnerability so well hidden in her attitude and demeanor it could easily go undetected, even by me. She has a very serious case of type 1 diabetes, beautiful and fragile for just a second ‘Broken Wing’s lyrics flashed through my mind. She fluttered off to help someone and it was time for me to go.

I reasoned it was a buffet, I wasn’t served, so I put the ten back and pulled out a five and wrote the following note on it. You have in you what I call “A bit of the Fairy” others walk, but you float, others smile, but you sparkle and Fairies always, always overcome every obstacle to land on their feet.” I laid the bill down and got up and walk toward the exit, I just couldn’t help peeking back over my shoulder to see if she picked up the bill. She had and appeared to be reading it. I turned to walk away, when I heard voice say, “Hey” She blew me a kiss and said “You land on your feet too. So that my friends was to my mind as close to a real fairy as any of us are likely to get. And after a somewhat if not magical, at least surreal morning, an hour later I went to the bathroom.

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