A Shout Out


This may be close to something I never wanted my posts to be, a medical update. So if it strikes you as that and nothing more, it is probably a fair criticism and apologize in advance. It may sound counter-intuitive and maybe even hypocritical for someone whose site is called cancerguy, to suggest that he wants his posts to be first and foremost be about stories not medical updates; but that is my goal. If it is only about me I have failed miserably. When I speak of cancer I hope I most often convey the big C cancer,  not the little me cancer. I want my posts to at least sometimes contain an idea or concept that makes you think. I also want my posts to  use the vehicle of  humor to carry the message, there are times when I want to touch the heart through empathy and  on occasion sorrow and even desperation, but never pity. Not for me or the people I portray.   

I am roughly at the halfway point of my treatments, not the ordeal which will go on for a period of time afterwards. Whether this was the reason or because of concern over a combination of side effects I have been having I am not sure, maybe both. I was in the end able to convince them that while I have on occasion had trouble using the wrong word, I do often find the right word quite well, thank you. Having dispense of this concern, the rest of the meeting went unexpectedly good. The Great and powerful Dr. Foot (my head doctor, who just happens to run the dept.) was there. I mean really people, why me, why should I get one of the best period? Everyone I have talked  to has said the same thing, we won’t know anything tell three months after all the procedures. So I was bit more than surprised when he stuck his little probe down through my nose tell I gaged and said Yes, I been looking at the scans and your tumor is really shrinking and epiglottis looks almost normal and I would say there is a good chance it hasn’t spread. I am really impressed. I said, “I plan on being your first patient with throat cancer you have to put on a diet.” He smiled, which for him was paramount to a laugh; and said, ‘the tough times are still in front of you, that won’t happen”. I said, “at the start with we’re talking about the possibility of epiglottis shriveling up to nothing.” “He said, “and now we are talking about it looking almost normal.”

This is what I think, I think I might just come out of this thing and it will be because a good friend steered me to Mayo, my sister, brother, daughter and wife all have step up to help guide me through the process and everyone who took the time read something I wrote, especially those who commented, I think that maybe your good thoughts and prayers is how I got the best to be my doctor, the lord works in varied and mysterious ways. I know that I personally draw strength and purpose from your interest.To all of you who have given so much to me, I promise you I will do my best to approach what comes with humor, humility and when possible be strong for those around me. So I don’t consider this a medical update as much as a shout out.                        Thank you wade

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