Stand in the Sun

I woke up this morning and the sun was shining on me and all those around me. There were some I noticed some that didn’t feel the warming rays. Inside my current walls of cancer called Hope Lodge, fear and despair is consumed by the act of living. At least here, background and differences are washed away by what we share. I am on the road this morning, the real road, it is the way home, the way back,which at times seems a life time a go. But I am not going home,I am going to meet my children and dog. We are going to shoot some shots of the Covered Bridges of Madison County. Perhaps it is age, perhaps the disease or maybe the treatments, something brings water to my eyes, it is OK, I am almost not embarrassed, but not quite. It seems even a lonely soul needs cover, from my family, my friends, my dog, and maybe a covered bridge in Iowa. Pictures to come.

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One thought on “Stand in the Sun

  1. Well, I wanted to put a picture of Clint in his cowboy hat and reflect on the similarities. You know he and the Streep made these bridges famous. Well, there was also the book and a screenplay but actors put in on the map! Hated the movie, but see all kinds of hope and serenity, not to mention the peace the visuals represent. Brings you closer to God, which I can just hear Clint say, “ain’t a bad place to be partner”.


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