Mask, Momentum, Uncertainity

Hello sports fan I’m back. Right when victory was within my grasp, I was one treatment away from teaching this cancer bug that it pick on the wrong guy; just too many good people in his corner .Then out of nowhere, bam, the punch that laid him down, but not out. I remember Anglo Dundee ( famous boxing manager) saying, “you find out what kind of fighter you have when they taste their own blood.There are two basic strategies a person can employ when that happens; they can duck and cover or come out swinging.” While there may be only two strategies they are .manifested differently in each individual. Although I am not sure what kind of strategy I used I do know up until this point the fight has went according to plan;.I mean my plan, which I assumed was God’s plan, not the doctors plan  because my plan was to make the doctors say wow. All was working fine when my white blood cells decided to crashed, I spiked a fever, and ended up in ICU for day. From there they transferred me to the oncology (cancer) unit of the hospital. Judging by the looks on the faces of the people around me I was in pretty bad shape. It was even rumored that I was a tad grouchy. I personally find it difficult to believe that I wasn’t my kind mild manner self, but my wife swears it is true.

Something happened emotionally as well as physically .  I don’t know exactly how to explain it, I always new things could go wrong, I have been scared, so what was different, why was it so hard to have a good attitude.

2 thoughts on “Mask, Momentum, Uncertainity

  1. Great piece Wade. You take us all on the ride! This particular funhouse ride has its darkness and scary surprises. We know that when we eventually emerge into the daylight we will celebrate as if there was never a past and no tomorrow! We will just live!

    Another thing. When I saw that second photo I expected to tap on it and listen to the new album! If that’s not an album cover I’m senile!


  2. Hang in there my friend. We still believe that you haven’t lived your purpose yet. God has great plans for you, He just has to move your ego out of the way. John and I pray for you each day.. I would love to be able to sit across the table from you and have one of our spirited debates.

    We are planning a trip to Kansas City sometime in May, looking forward to giving you a hug.

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