A Nichol for my Thougths

Maybe it is chemo-brain, my daughter swears I have it, although I think she is mistaken. There are side effects, such as ringing in the ears, but seeing people  and hearing voices have not been a symptom. That is why I was somewhat surprised the other night at church. It was our version of midnight mass in our little one horse church. I was particularly enjoying myself since it was one of the few times my white blood cells had let me go out in public (for those unfamiliar with my condition I have cancer). I was listening to George, Dale and Pastor Carl play a few tunes when I closed my eyes and let the music carry me away. Has I drifted off, an image and a voice became clear. It was my friend John who I have heard sing here many times before. John and his wife Penny are very good friends who moved to Alabama. I would like to say I open my eyes and we went and had a root beer, but I didn’t. I didn’t open my eyes because I wasn’t ready for the image to fade. I was in a good place and to quote John, the aforementioned friend, “Things were simply wonderful”. I have not visited John and Penny since I have been diagnosed, but they have never been far from me. Tonight was special and this was not the first time I have seen their faces and felt their well meaning prayers. Space and Time are just mental concepts not limiting cages for some friendships. This is one of those. So hello, god bless and be well, you are in my thoughts. To all you who do not know John Nichols and his wife Penny, I am sorry for your loss.

One thought on “A Nichol for my Thougths

  1. You’re a special friend to John and me. Always praying for strength, peace and joy for you. Hang in there, you have lots of things to do. Penny

    I was very touched by your comments and know that whether your eyes are opened or closed, I’ll always be there. John

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