Marital Love


Silently dormant it lays there and we stay unaware,

while the seasons continue passing by.

Our time seems long, before our health is gone,

and we remember someday we will die.

I move self-absorbed and distracted, Empathy never practiced

not feeling wrong or really right.

Head straight  and tilted down, never moving around

 always keeping it out of sight.

Thinking it is safely put to bed, I mistook it for dead;

while I deliberately averted my eyes.

Although hiding in plain view, I didn’t seem to have a clue,

could not hear its soundless and tragic cries.

It was certainly a shock, when all our busyness got stopped,

 and I was knocked down to my knees.

 This pause in the action, the resulting fear and reaction changed perception from what has been, to what could be.

Awakened from long sleep, love lifted me upon my feet

and still sustains me on the gloomy days.

Past trouble and tears,  washed away like wasted years,

 and side by side we readied for the fray.

Although Desperate and distraught, I found love I had sought;

It seems that joy lies on the other side of pain.

It soon became so clear, as the clouds began to disappear;

 there’s sunshine when once there was only rain.


Not the first time, but the first in a very long time

I gladly and freely give you my unprotected heart

Happy Valentine’s Day

Your husband







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