I am in the process of writing a piece on “purpose after 60” it doesn’t have to be limited to the older years, but it will be the focus. I asking for comments on the subject; for example what do you think purpose is. After 60 is it a matter of finishing your previous or present purpose. Do we only evaluate what it was and how successful we were. Is it possible to find your purpose in the ARRP years. Are all purposes worthy. Any comments  would appreciated. 

Who’s Party is it Anyway?


Sometimes we get things wrong, it is no big deal you just got to put the record straight. That is what I am going to try and do now. I am not the man of the hour. My ability to reach another birthday with a good prognosis is largely due to some great doctors and the people here today; not me. Something remarkable happened here and we should celebrate it. It is the love and support I received from the people here and those others who took time to read my blog or mention me in their prayers. It was your voices I heard in my dark and desperate hours and your lantern that provided direction when I was lost. So like Steve Harvey or La La Land in the Oscars; I realize that this honor is not mine; it is yours.

These flowers are for my wife, who worked overtime, accepted help and advice which isn’t always easy. In addition, her motherly roles increased because I went from being someone who could be counted on for help to a patient she was eager to care for.  My sister and Yoda were always there for me, as well as my daughter. I am going to stick to the 45 second rule and end with a thank you to everyone. Perhaps it shows a personal change I have went through, this was the first time I have watched the Oscars. Don’t worry I think most of the other changes have been for the good.

Like most people who go through some sort of trial, I look for meaning in it. In my case it came in the form of a question. “Why did people take the time to care about me?” I am not in a position to help anyone even if I was so inclined. My ability to do physical labor such as it was has been greatly diminished and I have achieved nothing intellectually of note. Even more important if you asked a group of people “Is Wade nice?” I would mostly likely lose by a show of hands. This is how I know it is not about me, it is about you and your good hearts. I for one plan to celebrate because despite our best efforts sometimes things don’t work out. This time it did; at least for now, so let us get what we can, while the getting is good and leave tomorrow’s trouble for tomorrow.

Thanks and be well,



Find a reason to be grateful and  you’re one step closer to happiness.