I am in the process of writing a piece on “purpose after 60” it doesn’t have to be limited to the older years, but it will be the focus. I asking for comments on the subject; for example what do you think purpose is. After 60 is it a matter of finishing your previous or present purpose. Do we only evaluate what it was and how successful we were. Is it possible to find your purpose in the ARRP years. Are all purposes worthy. Any comments  would appreciated. 

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  1. Wade,
    I have been thinking deeply about this subject. To start with I came to the conclusion that purpose would be defined as why and what you have been placed here for. Then I deduced that it would be generally molded by ones belief structure. My belief structure as you may know is centered in my faith of God and His plan for what I’m supposed to accomplish. In my mind it is to simply glorify Him by following the teachings of His Son. I have been taught that we are all a part of the Body of the church, which is Jesus. Some are hands, some feet, some mouths, etc. . I also believe that all of us are endowed with gifts or talents. Mine, I believe, was to be a husband, father, and provider. This I believe was and is my main purpose. Purpose after sixty I believe is merely tweaking the purpose you have had all your life from the much clearer lens of life lived and experiences learned. That way you can pass along your wisdom by modeling and cajoling those that you were ultimately responsible for.
    Thank you for the opportunity to express my thoughts. I hope it will help you along.

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