Hey Lady, did you Know you were a Gift?

I saw an old neighbor today and her daughter that just graduated college. When I say old I don’t mean she is old, although we are of a similar age. I mean she used to live in our neighbor and her kids grew up here. I always thought she was smart, talented and most of all kind. At the time I never would have guessed I was underestimating her. She has been through a prolonged rough patch that both inspires and shames me. Her visit helps me realize I have nothing to complain about. The resilience and strength she has shown took me by surprise. She looked good, and if I am honest, I thought she would have been broken. I Know I would have been. After she had moved away my son, who has cp wanted to do a project in tribute of her. So we went out and took this picture and added these words. It is still among my favorite projects.   boy_dog

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