A Dad’s Tale


It is almost Father’s Day and I feel an emptiness inside. It is funny because I thought I made so many decisions because of my kids. The most recent time was when I decided to choose life, kindness and empathy. It was not my preferred option. I did good, the doctors did better, the people around me did the best of all. There are still times when I wish I would have chosen a drink, a smoke and a high cliff. There is a sense of duty to life that seems to shout at those times. I hear not my voice, but those of others and selfishness slowly, painfully leaves. I don’t know what or why that voice or sense of duty exist, but I fear its’ sway is waning. Not in me, but with the young. Don’t let it go unappreciated. Too many bad choices. My ways and experiences are not yours; still know I love, I hurt, I try, and I fail.  Always you are in my thoughts.

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