Raw Emotion 

  1. My pastor and best friend told me to be honest. That is what I am best at. My question is what should I do if I think I am going to live. What if I don’t know what do do. My children have refined many of my understandings. That doesn’t mean that there is isn’t a core right and wrong. I refuse to believe I am without foundational beliefs. I will live believing that there are things that separate people.  I have accepted so many things that were outside my paradigm, but that doesn’t mean anything goes. When you lie to me, please know I remember.  I don’t regret the times I didn’t take advantage but the times I did. My child lied and has been, I was their teacher and parent. I failed, I will die without knowing success. Maybe someday they’ll understand. I measure people in the currency of honor. I am without worldly success, I will not submit to you I will cry out even if my voice is unworthy and unheard.

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