(soul food)

In answer to a posted question; What is food for the soul? To start with, I would say, still waters run deep. The Soul’s food complexity is hidden underneath the simplicity of its reality. It establishes a connection between you and the “food “. Which takes form by building a bridge between a cultural or personal memory and the now of you. This isn’t an either or situation because it is not uncommon for one element to be a part of the other. Therefore the “food” often contains both, personal and cultural as well as a specific and universal components. It’s main feature is to transport you sensorily to a different time. While we are often carried into history past,  the journey can give insights into what is missing in the present, as well as what should be continued now and in the future.  Equally, it reveals what needs to be left behind, because what was, may not be what is, or what will ever be. Those who for forget or ignore Soul Food which contain all three stages of time; past, present, future, are sometimes blessed. Unfortunately they are often domed to repeat what was previously shallowed. Food for the Soul can give you a sense of belonging and roots. On the hand, it can be a chain dragging you down a rabbit hole. It is good to eat, but Choose your diet carefully. Forgive my lack of platitudes and inspirations, I find a discussion of Soul Food to deep for such things.